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Call for Applications: NEXT Launchpad business accelerator programme


NEXT Venture Corp Pvt. Ltd. has called for applications for NEXT Launchpad, a mentorship driven business accelerator programme aimed at helping Nepali entrepreneurs and their early-stage businesses to grow faster.

As Nepal is a country full of potentials yet to be fully explored, especially in the fields of information technology, education, health, tourism and agriculture, and everyone is well aware about the Nepal’s degrading economic scenario and the need to create a youth friendly environment in the country; entrepreneurship is one of the most well observed methods to kick start an economy. It would not only find solutions to the problems of the society, but also create jobs, keep entrepreneurial ecosystem intact, and change the society for better.

In spite of knowing this, there have been barriers for entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs desire to grow their ventures. But, as it would require large sums of money to utilize the resources, to operate and expand the business, and create the market, it would be practically difficult for them to foster and ultimately such scalable businesses are stuck or die.

Most of these can be easily eliminated through proper guidance, resources and support system. But, as this is lacking in Nepal for it being an emerging economy, NEXT Launchpad seeks to fill the void.

How will NEXT Launchpad help?

NEXT Launchpad seeks to fill this gap by providing compact and extensive programmes to equip business with the most of what they need to sustain and succeed. Business accelerator programmes like this will push the creation of more knowledge-driven businesses with higher success rates. To foster entrepreneurship in Nepal, it will provide the best of business knowledge, curriculum, experts, mentors, investors, resources, valuable networks, market exposure, supportive community and access to funding.

The programme has been broken down into weeks, each with an objective which incorporates business model refining, marketing, legal, strategic management, operations, HR, finance, industry specific workshops, presentation and many more. In addition, NEXT Launchpad has also developed various signature events – BrainFast, Venture Walk, Venture Talk and Venture Blend to escalate knowledge exchange, networking and exposure.

How NEXT Launchpad operates?

Entrepreneurs from all over Nepal who are looking to grow their businesses can apply for NEXT Launchpad. Out of all the applications received, only 10 companies will be selected to go through the accelerator programme. The business will be screened out through various phases such as analysis of application forms, founder interviews, team assessment and market study.

Each month has its own objective starting from building a strong foundation, gearing for success, managing growth, to attracting and managing funds. To fulfil these objectives, the mentors will deliver the workshops and trainings during the mornings every Monday to Friday. The programme concludes with a Demo Day where the 10 selected business entrepreneurs pitch their business, whereas investors make growth investments on the businesses.

Signature events of NEXT Launchpad

Various signature events are designed to enhance the entrepreneurs’ learning experience in the NEXT Launchpad:

  1. BrainFast: A brainstorming session over breakfast with business leaders and sector experts on any business issues relevant to the business. This highly focused brainstorming is geared towards solving the specific problems business will face during the accelerator programme.
  2. Venture Walk: A morning walk session for entrepreneurs and the investors to know each other better, building valuable relations. This session will be highly valuable during the DEMO day, when the close relationship could assure an investment.
  3. Venture Talk: A talk programme where leading entrepreneurs share their journey of building successful ventures and inspire the entrepreneurs to do more. After the talk programme, they will also have a chance to interact with the speakers and the audience.
  4. Venture Blend: A theme based networking session where people from all the verticals of various industries and people related to the industry get a platform to interact and break deals.

Note: Venture talk and venture blend are each organized on alternate Friday evenings and is open for the public with prior registration. These events boost the growth of entrepreneurs, their team and business with maximum knowledge sharing, networking and exposure.