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Turn Your Business Idea Into a Business, Apply for Udhyami Seed Camp Entrepreneurship Bootcamp- Tech Edition


After succeeding the first edition of 5-days long entrepreneurial boot camp- Udhyami Seed Camp themed to Women Focused Edition, now again STARTUPSNepal is initiating next edition- Tech Edition.

This edition of Udhyami Seed Camp aims to facilitate teams with 2-4 founding members who have or are willing to incorporate technology in their business idea or business processes; whether it is as simple as incorporation of mobile application for distribution or be it a complete artificial intelligence solution.

In the 6-days long program duration, the participating teams will join to learn, network, gain exposure, attract seed funds and start up their own venture with the learning from the workshops, follow up session and other. During this boot camp, the team members will work closely with the experts, coaches and industry leaders to validate their proposed business idea that is technology incorporated into a viable business idea. By the 6th day, they will be ready to pitch their business idea to investors to secure the seed funding.

After the completion of the boot camp, the teams will also go through additional biweekly follow up session for the duration of next 2 months. The overall Udhyami Seed Camp program will conclude on Udhyami101- Basics of Starting a Business. Here, sector experts and industry supporters will be sharing their knowledge and insights regarding fundamentals of being an entrepreneur and basics of starting a business.

By bringing together key stakeholders like sector experts, investors, industry supporters, entrepreneurs and innovators, the hosts of the boot camp aim to create a vibrant and collaborative platform for young entrepreneurial enthusiasts and business students to start and grow their businesses in Nepal.

Why Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech-Edition?

Realizing the opportunities for growth and scalability for tech oriented startup ideas, the Tech edition of Udhyami Seed Camp intends to create an ideal platform for technology-enabled startups to start and grow their businesses in Nepal. By providing early stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with necessary business resources and solutions, Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech Edition will focus on creating a sustainable synergy between technology and businesses to instigate startups with international caliber.

By the end of this seed camp, the selected teams will either want to continue and scale their startup idea based on what they have learned or they may decide to completely pivot to a more viable and reasonable business idea.

Through the participation in the program, the idea phase startups will be able to:

Application Deadline: 20 August, 2017

Date: 25 – 30 August, 2017

Time: 10 am – 6 pm

For further details, visit http://www.startupsnepal.com/udhyami/

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