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Call For A Global School Strike On Climate Strike Day


July 17, 2015: A group of children and youth published a call for a global Student Strike for Climate Action, to be held globally on November 30 – the day on which the UN Summit on Climate Change (COP21) begins in Paris, France.The idea of Climate Strike began when a group of students around the world gathered during the International Youth Summit in Tutzing, Germany in May this year.

Sagar Aryal, 19 year old climate activist from Nepal, and a co-ordinators of Climate Strike says, “Climate Strike is a peaceful action, inviting students around the world to skip school for climate action. We have to do this, as a wake up call to our generation, because our world leaders have promised but have done their their homework on the climate crisis over and over again”.

In the absence of concrete actions by the adult generations on issues of climate crisis, the youth activists have decided to take their future – and that of future generations – into their own hands.

Likewise, climate Strike is being coordinated by young people around the world, from countries like Azerbaijan, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal and Philippines.
According to Yugratna, a 19-years old youth from India who is also a member of organizing team. “We are calling for a million students to show solidarity, to take action and fight for the future they deserve”.

The “Climate Strike” invites students all over the world to skip school on November 30, 2015 as part of a global protest. Instead of going to classes, students are invited to take actions to raise awareness about climate crisis in a positive and creative way.

The official call is available on the website of the Climate Strike : http: //www.climatestrike.net/call
To participate, anyone can register their action or event on the website: http://www.climatestrike.net
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