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Call For Song For Largest Human Flag National Event


vintage-music-frame-powerpoint-template-copy-300x22713 October: Human Values for Peace and Prosperity( HVPP) has called for lyrics for the song in both English and Nepali to make a patriotic song that remarks historical day of World’s Largest Human Flag national event of Nepal. The song is intended to express and show flag event, people’s patriotism, passion, unity and peaceful nature of Nepalese to the world.

This event was conducted on August 23 with more than 37,000 participants under the theme,”we all are one under our Flag”. It also aimed to unite hearts by breaking the record. Meanwhile, HVPP is in the process to send the documents that will be accessed by Guinness to verify whether the world record has been set or not.

The best lyrics will be posted in Facebook page of HVPP and the lyrics which gets highest number of likes will be selected and later appreciated by experts to make songs from the lyrics.HVPP will announce finalized lyrics publicly.

The lyrics if to be sent at rightshare@hvpp.org by the  end of October.

In second phase, that finalized lyrics will be given for composition. The final touch to the composition will be given after going through the process of votes and selected by experts. The song will be composed by professional composers if there would not be any submission of compositions. The song should be composed in such a way where several singers can sing together incorporating diversity and richness in the music.

In the third phase, music video will be made. The announcement for collecting concepts from everyone including professionals will be done.

The winner name of lyricist and composers for the song cover and music video will be honored.

HVPP is also looking for sponsors to carry out work effectively. It is concerned with uniting everybody and intends to unite and increase sense of belongingness among people through various mega projects.

Source: HVPP


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