Call to systematize Madarasas with recognition

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Call to systematize Madarasas with recognition

Kathmandu,5 Dec 2014: The Madarasa Islamiya Association Nepal today put forth a demand to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala to systematize the Madarasa education (Islamic seminaries) along with their recognition.

A delegation led by the Association president Maulana Mansoor Ahamad Halwai that called on the Prime Minister demanded formulation of a policy on Madarasa education along with its recognition, making arrangements by which the teachers at Madarasas would be allowed to sit in the examinations for teaching license for one time based on the service term and implementation of the government curricula and the religious curricula by integrating the two.

Likewise, the Association called for giving more powers to the Madarasa Board, making provisions for classifying the employees working at Madarasas into different levels and providing mid-day meals to the children studying at Madarasas.

Prime Minister Koirala in the meeting assured of the possible cooperation to that end on behalf the government after the delegation informed his that although the government, since seven years back, declared that all the religious seminaries would be permitted to operate as community schools under the Education for All programme, the problem remained where it was.

PM Koirala stated that he would forward the process towards addressing the demands after consulting the Education Minister as the demands raised by the Association were justified.

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