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Can machines replace human resource?


The growth of technology has been replacing the human workforce since decades. The work that could only be accomplished by dozens of men is now possible with the use of a single machine. The routine work from offices to factories are now dependent upon machines. We no longer have to emphasize how technology is replacing the human workforce. But, what we still do not agree is that the mainstream professions like doctors, accountants, lawyers have a chance to be replaced by technology. Which is still a myth for most us because we know the machines still need human experts for critical thinking, analysis and evaluation works.

Research has shown that most the mainstream professions which are still following traditional path will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots. Most of the professionals will be out of jobs in a few decades. They will be replaced by more expert people and systems.

Websites of WebMD Network are getting millions of hits per month. A user feels more comfortable to use ‘online dispute resolution’ to settle trade disputes on eBay than going to lawyers. Annually, more than 60 million dispute cases are solved by this system on eBay worldwide. Even Vatican has an app called ‘Sindr’ which helps people to be prepared for confession. There are also apps providing you with step by step guide on making and reading your ‘kundali’ and horoscopes. These are few indicators on how technology is replacing mainstream professions which until some time ago used to be done by human beings only.

There is now systematization and technological upgrading on each and every sector. Schools and colleges are using systems like School/College Management Software and Enterprises Resource Planning for their betterment and upgrading. Doctors are now using unique and tailored systems like E-prescription and E-Cure for the ease of their patients. There is a technological shift of carrying out professional works specially to automate and transform them. The professional knowledge is now being systematized from workflows to AI based problem-solving skill.

People make an assumption on the basis that a computer is not capable of making judgments, showing creativity, being empathetic and being professional. But, the researchers at Harvard University have already proven that if professional works are broken into smaller components, the works can then be performed without utilizing judging and empathetic skills. The people who are claiming the opposite are those who are not well known about the power of ‘AI fallacy’ and its power of problem-solving and decision making.

Here, my concern is about being adaptive and transformative with technology, not just to act cool or prevent from being fired from the job for having less expertise, because I am sure you are always the expert of your own kind in your works. But remember, evolving is necessary to prevent ourselves from being extinct.

By Ajay Pandey