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Career workshop held at King’s College


Kathmandu, August 12, 2016: Career Workshop, a one day workshop for younger minds as the guidance to the pathway to their career, was conducted on King’s College, Bijulibazar. The workshop was designed to facilitate young minds with enthusiasm of career development, and they were equally eager to know what the day had held for them. Fresh enthusiasm was locked in the room, some gushing around about how the session would be, some excited about meeting new people, and some excited to get such a platform for free.  The workshop speeded up their emotions, and doubled their excitement to get the first treat from the day.

The guest speaker, Mr. Anil Keshary Shah graced the stage with his presence. The whole new energy was revived into the bodies of the audience as he always succeeds in spreading a positive vibes around.All the candidates shaped their posture on the chairs with their gleaming eyes and eager ears expecting something revolutionary.. Mr.Anil Keshary Shah started off with portraying the bitter-sweet realities of his young days, it went amazing as the audience started to relate with the experiences he counted on. He expressed how he also had to go with the traditional culture our society advocates. Mr.Shah always wanted to pursue a career in photography but people didn’t believe in his passion for photos. He talked about how his motive was money at that timeframe so he chose to bank as a profession but admits he still has the passion for photography alive in his veins. He stated,” Career is you and you are your career.”


The session was interactive as the audience deliberately engaged themselves in the question answer round. Later, the workshop invited wonderful surprises to the audience. There were two rooms divided by an equal number of participants in each of it. The participants were engaged in a lot of recreational activities that made they know each other and listen to each other’s perspectives. There were sessions like knowing oneself, how to learn, and a job market that attracted the audiences’ interest highly. The first session moreover was settled on characterizing one’s aim, knowing to perceive a fine line between where one stands today and would want to stand in the days to come. The second one highlighted on how every day can be a learning experience for us directly or indirectly just that we’re missing the right shots. The third session was about understanding the job market and how it portrays differently to every individual as a new form of opportunity.


All in all, the workshop went productive and that was so evident at the faces of audience, the satisfaction was perfectly lined on their faces. It came out as a great opportunity to create networks as well. What else can be great than strangers coming together at a place and returning back as friends? In addition to that, one gets to go back home satisfied with all the knowledge he acquired from this workshop, with a more clear vision towards what he/she wants to do in life.

By Jamuna Gautam

The workshop was a part of Glocal ECA activities for King’s College.