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Cases of tax evasion rises

Cases of tax evasion rises
Cases of tax evasion rises

Kathmandu, 25 June, 2015 : In the current fiscal year 2014/015, The Revenue Tribunal has claimed  cases of tax evasion have gone up.

It said it cleared 719 cases in this fiscal year as against 372 in the last fiscal year. Until the mid June, as many as 1,432 revenue related cases were filed at the office.

Record Keeper Mahendra Prasad Pokhrel said, among 692 related cases reated to income tax, the office looked into 348 cases, 289 cases among the 513 cases related to VAT, 53 cases out of 160 related to customs and 29 cases among 67 various other cases cleared until the mid June in the current financial year.

In the last fiscal year, a total of 372 cases including 215 related to income tax, 116 related to VAT, 28 related to customs and 13 others were cleared.

The data shows that the entrepreneurs are found less sincere in adhering to the tax laws, said the Pokhrel.


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