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Cat eye fashion !!


04 November, 2015: Cat eye glasses were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Cat eye glasses were fashion icons of the past which somehow faded out over time, but as with all things we see styles have returned back. Likewise, a cat eye glass is a big return in fashion. It is seen that these glasses have gained popularity from celebrities to people on the street.

The success of cat eye glasses among people have increased since when the celebrities have adopted in their style. And now it is seen to be the great among the street style.

Cat Eye glasses look good in bold colors; the darker the better for fair-skinned women, and light ones for those with darker complexions. Cat eye glasses make a huge fashion statement. The best thing about sporting cat eye frames is the bold look of someone who can see everything. That confident look with bold frames adds charisma to every situation.

The glasses are notable enough to draw attention upward. A cat eye glass gives you a sophisticated smart sexy look this 2015. So by adding cat eye glasses to your outfit; be it a casual summer breezy dress or a workaholic formal dress, a fashion win is guaranteed.

Cat eye glasses can be a perfect addition to the wardrobe for the ones who like to grab everything in the closet and wear it all at once. These glasses can be perfect addition to make that mix-max look go flawless.

These glasses are coming back into style so strongly that just about anything will look fashionable if cat eye glasses are added to the outfit. Cat eye glasses are all about celebrating individuality; feeling good about who you are.




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