Catch the World Fastest Car ever made : Bloodhound SSC

    world fastest car

    World Fastest Car is a battle with Physics says engineers!

    What would world fastest car be like? What are your assumptions? Will it come up to your thoughts? 

    Part spaceship, part racing car, part jet fighter, if this car goes as per the plan of makers then this car will be the fastest human made thing on the planet. It is predicted that this car will have a top speed of around 1000 mph which equals 1600 km/h.

    This car is also regarded a concorde for this generation because of its speed. It is given the name of Bloodhound Supersonic Car(SSC). It is even mentioned by the engineers that this car will be breaking the top land speed record along with the air speed record as well.

    It is the most extraordinary and complex three engine racing car. It is built in UK by Formula 1 and aerospace experts. This project is regarded as the battle with physics. It is cover a mile in 3.6 seconds only.In 2015 it will be on South Africa’s Northern Cape where a team of 300 people have moved 6000 tonnes of rock by hand to create a smooth 12 mile race course in a dry lake bed.


    Watch this video to have a thorough detail on this car:


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