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CCTVs installed in Bardibas

CCTVs installed in Bardibas
CCTVs installed in Bardibas

Gaushala, 7 April, 2015 : The Bardibas Municipality has installed four night vision closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) at the Bardibas Bazaar area with a view to managing security system.

The CCTVs would capture the activities in the municipality and the activities would be observed from the Police Control Room, Bardibas, said Tulashi Prasad Upreti, Police Inspector at the District Traffic Police Office. The criminal activities in the bazaar area are expected to come down after installation of the CCTVs.

The Regional Police Office, Hetauda, District Traffic Police Office and Area Police Office, Mahottari, supported for the CCTV Cameras installation.

The cameras and other devices worth Rs 5.2 million were obtained from the central level to install in Dhalkebar, Bardibas and Chandranigahapur.

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