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Celebrate the togetherness and the richness of Islamic culture in ‘Namaste Eid 2017’


Kathmandu, June 27, 2017: Open Space Network in collaboration with Ghaito is organizing Namaste Eid 2017 this Wednesday to celebrate the togetherness and the richness of Islamic culture.

Faija Parween, the organizer of the event and the founder of Open Space Network, initiated the concept as an annual event to break the stereotypical thinking on how the Islamic culture binds the community and to celebrate a festival of belongingness. “I have seen a lot of people from the Non-Muslim community showing utmost curiosity about our festival Eid. So, I thought of initiating an event where people from different walks and ages get to witness the richness of Islam culture,” says Faija.

The date and time of every festival in Islam religion are determined by the lunar calendar. That is why Ramadan, the month of fasting, is at a different time every year. Also, Eid celebrations around the world differ in time depending on when the new moon is first sighted on the evening of the holy celebration. “Traditionally, Eid is celebrated for three days. As Muslim people celebrate the first day of Eid with family and the other days with relatives and friends, we have set the event for June 28th, the last day of Eid so that everyone can join us in the event,” shares Faija.


The event welcomes people of all religions and not just Muslims. The organizers are extending an open-heart invitation to everyone to join this event which doesn’t have any entrance fee and is open for people of all ages.

Namaste Eid features Halal food delicacies, stalls for the outlets initiated by young Muslim faces, along with the performances reflecting the community’s culture.


Halal meat is the meat which adheres to Islamic law as defined in the Koran. It is often cheaper and more hygienic than other meat products. The event also promotes different places and restaurants in Nepal that offer Halal food as many people here don’t know where to look for Halal food delicacies.


It is a fashion show by Nuzhat QAZI, a clothing brand, to present the mesmerizing aspects of Hijab. Faija expresses, “Hijab is an honor to women. People have a mindset that Hijab is only worn with Kurtha and Burka but it’s not always true. Through this fashion show, we want to showcase different attires that can be worn with Hijab. We want our visitors to explore how Hijab can be used as a fashionable cloth and understand that Hijab and Burka are two different things. Hijab is beautiful and it’s not something forceful for us like people believe.”


Sufi music, a devotional music of the Sufis- a derivative of Islam’s earliest stages, can be entertaining to both Muslim and non-Muslim community. The event features live Sufi music by Ankit Babu Adhikari and his band.

The enthusiastic organizer Faija Parween reveals her excitement for Namaste Eid and expects the event to spread positivity about the Islam community amidst the terror news misshaping Islam. She adds, “When I introduce myself as a Muslim, people here often ask me if I am a Pakistani or an Indian. A lot of people still don’t know that the Muslim community exists in Nepal and they have made notable contributions in the growth of the country. So, we are also promoting Muslim faces who have done something noteworthy in Nepal. For instance, the owner of QFX and the CEO of eSewa are Muslims but people rarely know the fact. All in all, we want everyone to perceive Islam religion more positively. We want to avoid the existing negativity and create a harmonious environment where people share joys and happiness. That is our main motto.”

Namaste Eid 2017 is being held in Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg this June 28, 3 pm onwards. The cultural programs begin from 6 pm. There is no entry fee for the event.

By Drishti Maharjan