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Celebrating Joy of Reading: Theme of this year’s National Reading Mela


Kathmandu, 26 December, 2017: Shiksha Nepal and Himalayan Climate Initiative are conducting National Reading Mela from January 20 to January 22. Theming around ‘Celebrating Joy of Reading’, this Mela has aimed to adorn itself by bringing more than hundred influential writers, celebrities, and personalities of Nepal. The program which is going to be held at Rastriya Nachghar, Jamal, Kathmandu will involve more than 300 volunteers and also more than 30,000 readers.

Shiksha Nepal’s first program on Reading Mela had brought positive feedbacks and impacts, so they are continuing their work by bringing out the second edition of this program. Book Exhibition, Photo Exhibition, Kabita Concert, Live Book Talks, Face Paint, 00 Writers & Celebrities, Foods, Story of Shiksha Nepal, and music are the main attraction of the event.

The main motives of this Mela are to celebrate the joy of reading, promoting books, writers, and the reading materials; providing books and interactions in reach of people and attracting new readers and advocating for literacy and reading related policies and more.

Till date, Shiksha Nepal has been creating conducive effects in children’s education sphere. Shiksha Nepal has already involved more than 2500 youths as volunteers in various fundraising, book collection, through which raised funds from crowdfunding in and out of Nepal to continue its effort to educate children and young people of Nepal.

By: Kabita Sen