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CEO Unplugged concludes


Kathmandu, February 5, 2016: With the slogan ‘Today Meets Tomorrow’, Kings Multi Dimensional Leadership Program organized CEO Unplugged from where 30 CEOs from different arenas provided a platform to discuss about the contemporary business challenges, opportunities and futuristic view to the new comers in the business and students. The program was managed by Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

CEO Unplugged was a two day event containing five panels where panelist discussed on the topics education, business ecosystem, capital, communication and work-life-health balance. Each Panels had different panelists and facilitators.

On the education session, panelists were Yuvraj Sharma, CEO at White House Education Nepal, Sudhir Kumar Jha, Chairman at Chelsea International Academy ; Ashish Tiwari, Director at ACE Institute of Management and Narottam Aryal and Executive Director at King’s College. Pavitra Gautam, CEO of Karkhana was the moderator of the session.

Narottam Aryal when asked about his challenges to change the traditional ways of teaching said, ‘focusing on practical education and extra activities is lacking on everyone’. He further said, ‘It is important to realize on how passionate and trained the educators are and should have attitude of taking on the blame. On talking about education he defines business as a professional education and it should focus more on skills.

Manish Jha, GM at Facts Nepal, the moderator of the second session, Business Ecosystem, started the panel discussion with each panelist having their say about Business Ecosystem. The panelists were Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Regional Director of Microsoft, Anil Keshary Shah, CEO at Mega Bank, Biswas Dhakal, President at F1Soft International and Chetan Bhandari, Chairman at Bajeko Sekuwa Pvt. Ltd.

‘Current system is lacking the innovative ideas so it is very important for the young entrepreneurs to impart knowledge and excel in certain area.’ said Anil Keshary Shah. At the end the participants were allowed to ask questions and directly meet with the panelist in the Networking session.

The third panel discussion was conducted on the second day. It was about Capital where the facilitator discussed about the problems startups are facing in generating capital. The panelists were Rajendra Giri, Chairman at Kailash Bikash Bank Limited, Deepesh Vaidya, Managing Director at Kriti Capital and Investment Limited, Niraj Khanal, CEO at Antarprerana, Rakesh Adukia, Managing Director at Dreams Capital Limited and Suman Shakya, Director at Nepal Entrepreneurs Hub. Ajay Shrestha, Managing Director at I-Capital was the moderator of the program.

Rajendra Giri when asked upon the current practices of banking in business world said, ‘Banking is not easy if bankers cannot refund the loan that they have provided to startups.’ ‘Loan is provided according to the attitude of the person’, he further stated.

The fourth panel discussion was about Communication where panelists discussed about how communication can be better and what tools can be used to communicate. The panelists included Amit Chaudhary, CEO at GREPSR, Ankur Sharma, Director at Expressive Studios; Rajiv Sharma, Managing Director at Jobs Dynamic Pvt. Ltd. and Ujjwal Shrestha, Executive Director at Pachakanya group. The session was facilitated by Anish Shrestha, Co-Founder at Yellow Nepal.

‘Don’t be absorbed in your communication style, go out and look how others communicate and communicate accordingly. Make sure to use a common platform while communicating online.’ Ankur advised. He further said that the email can be a powerful tool for communicating and also showed his belief in using common tools.

Work-life-health balance was the fifth and final panel discussion where panelists discussed about how people can balance their life, work and health. The speakers of the panel were Ambica Shrestha, President at Dwarika’s Hotels and Resorts, Dr. Dina Shrestha, Endrocrinologist, Ravi Chaudhary, Executive Director at Vaiodhya Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Shekhar Chettri, Director at V-Chitra and Tristram Perry, Public Affairs Officer at US Ambassador to Nepal.  The facilitator was Amuda Mishra, Executive Director at Ujjyalo Foundation.

‘It’s unplugged as the experience of CEOs was shared with the participants live and the participants can learn from the shared experiences’, said Asish Thakur, Executive Director of Glocal Pvt. Ltd

The panel discussion ‘CEO Unplugged’ was held at King’s College and was witnessed by hundreds of enthusiasts from different arenas.

The sole purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity to share the experiences and thoughts of today’s movers and shakers to the future movers and shakers.

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