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Chakkajam at Bani, Kanchapur

Chakkajam at Bani, Kanchapur
Chakkajam at Bani, Kanchapur

Kanchanpur,13 Nov 2014: Chakkajam (traffic halt) has been organised at Krishnapur-2, Bani in the district toady at the call of Landless Squatters Struggle Committee.

The chakkajam began at 10:00 am and will continue till 2:00 pm, Ramnath Yogi, committee secretary, said.

They organized the chakkajam, protesting against the local administration’s baton charge in their peaceful protest on Wednesday, Yogi added. Vehicles en route to long and short routes have remained off the road   due to transport strike.

However, the police said that they were compelled to resort to baton charge to disperse the mob as they tried to destroy official documents of the office of Landless Squatters Commission. Over five protestors were injured in the police physical attack.

Some protestors had been also arrested during the Wednesday protest and released late night.

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