Challenge To Thrive First Five Years Of Children

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The first five years of a child’s life are a crucial time, and account for 90 percent of a child’s brain development. Skills, competencies, health, and habits gained in these early years accompany children into adulthood, and are the fundamental building blocks for living a full life.

Parents and other caregivers play the most influential role in children’s lives, but in low-income communities there are substantial barriers to overcome. This challenge focuses on designing solutions that help parents navigate these obstacles, make informed choices and get the support they need to give their children the best possible start in life.

The program is a series of 10 design challenges focused on creating innovative solutions to pressing development problems using community collaboration and human centered design. Our current challenge asks *How might parents in low-income communities ensure children thrive in their first five years? * We will be awarding up to $500,000 in funding and design support from to bring a handful of the best ideas from this challenge to life, Says Mr. Agraj Dangal, Nepal Country Manager for the Amplify project – a collaboration between, DFID’s Innovation Hub and OpenIDEO.

One of the key goals of Amplify challenges is to bring together the voices, expertise and ideas of people from around the world.The Challenge is on Idea Phase, where people and organizations from all over the world share potential solutions to the challenge question and begin testing them. After the Ideas phase closes on December 2nd, a subset of the ideas submitted will move on to Refinement, where they’ll continue to evolve through feedback and iteration and become eligible to receive seed funding and design support from Based on what the organisers learned in the Research phase, the following four themes emerged as the greatest opportunities for design. Add your ideas by clicking on one of the links below.

How might we ensure parents are able to provide for their children’s health, nutrition and hygiene?

How might we use play, creativity and everyday routines to build life skills and character?

How might we activate existing support networks and institutions to deliver quality products, services and care?

How might we increase parents’ understanding of what to expect in the first five years of their children’s lives?
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