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Challenges during the Relief Campaign


Kathmandu, 8 April, 2015: 1500 and more volunteers and resources are mobilized in the relief campaign of Bibeksheel Nepali where they are receiving aids from both Nepal and abroad, various NGOs etc. More than 80% of relief materials are goods, cash, medicines etc. But in the other hand, they have to face aggressive response where people’s expectations  have not met.

“We are working immediately after one hour of Earthquake of Saturday after then we are working whole 24 hours. The relief materials are supplied in those areas where government have not reached.”, says Milan Pandey, President of Bibeksheel Nepali.

Volunteer of Bibeksheel Nepali, Abira Karki taking relief materials to Deurali Dhading

Talking with Glocal Khabar, Ujjwol Thapa, Chairman of Bibeksheel Nepali said, “ At initial stage we had faced lots of challenges like transportation, planning, identifying true victims, fair utilization of resources.”  As per him, Bibeksheel is following 5 hour strategy of  Rescue, Reliefs, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Resergence.

According to Suraj Raj Pandey, playing the role of Inventory Coordinator at Bibeksheel,  “the main challenges is the Rules of the government and their intervention on smooth and ease transportation of goods to the concern organization. Government Approval is very difficult to get mainly looking after incoming and outgoing goods of the stock in emergency.”

As per his information they are getting all types of goods like Rice, Tent, Beaten rice, medical goods etc. Dealing with the supply of reliefs good he experiences the mixed response from the people, As people are anxious, Angry and also helped so those whose expectations are fulfilled they are happy and those people who haven’t got the materials they needs are showing their aggressive behavior. But at the end he feels good for being able to mobilize the resources effectively.

“ Nepal’s youth involvement is not as systematic as it could be due to various factors like- social taboos and lack of motivation. But if youth really work hard that can bring miracle in the developmental process.” said Kreepa Shrestha , who had just returned from the field visit to Gorkha  mainly Arupokhari ,representing bibeksheel Nepali where she saw very critical situation of the  victimized people who were not getting the relief goods.

Local people gathered to collect relief materials from Bibeksheel Nepali at Bajrabarahi, Makwanpur

Frequent occurrence of earthquake has destroyed around 99% of the houses in every wards. With the help of 7 volunteers they distributed 104 rice, 500 tents, 500 packets of oil, medicines, Blankets etc.

Likewise Dr. Punam Raut of Teaching hospital was looking after the medical Department and Dr. Rupak , a coordinator is actively looking toward the efficient management of medicines through social medias. National and international doctors are also contributing their best to provide medicinal services to the people.

Overcoming all the challenges, Bibeksheel Nepali is effectively and efficiently mobilizing every resources to provide relief to the to help the victims of earthquake all over Nepal. Since their main focus is on the reliefs campaign, they have not thought about any long term plans.

By:Sangita Tiwari


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