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Changemakers Learn About Gender and Meaningful Connections in Third Session of EmpowHER


Kathmandu, June 11, 2018 : The third session of EmpowHER 2018 was held on Saturday, 9th June which focused on gender, meaningful connections and empathetic communication. The session started with the rapporteurs of previous session reflecting upon the learnings of last Saturday as usual. The new session started with assigning of responsibilities of rapporteurs, session representatives and social media person.

One of the life awakening activity was the activity on ”privilege”, by Amuda Mishra, the executive director of Ujyalo Foundation, which prompted us to know our privileges and we learnt that sharing it with dignity must come from within. There was another session on Gender, which was fruitful in learning that gender is simply the characteristics we acquire and fell within the spectrum of masculine and feminine provided the fact that it’s a choice of each individual how they choose to live as an entity of a society.

One of the previous participants of EmpowHER 2016, Shraddha Shrestha shared about the transformation she experienced by participating in EmpowHER as a person. Shrestha suggested us to utilize every aspect of exposure that Ujyalo Foundation has been giving through it’s EmpowHER program.

The guest speaker for the third session, Sita Rupakheti, the president of Thoughtful Steps, shared her journey of becoming a social activist and how she rose to her successful career with bold determination and confidence amidst poverty and the patriarchal society. We, as participants were inspired and amazed by her persona and her motivation towards being able to move forward continuously fighting adverse situations of life.

Apart from this, the activity conducted on empathetic communication helped us to analyse how equally important it is to ensure what we want to be delivered is understood as same by the recipient. Also we learnt on how efficient working as a team can be in understanding the broader spectrum of a problem and bringing variable solutions to it so that each and every voice is heard. A session on qualities of leadership taught us about what essential attributes a leader must have to lead a team.

By Sabitri Poudel and Sadikshya Aryal

Sabitri Poudel and Sadikshya Aryal are two of the changemakers of EmpowHER 2018.