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Cheers Pro for Leadership Skills in Youths


Kathmandu, March 30, 2015: CHEERS NEPAL organized ‘Cheers Pro’, a program dedicated towards building leadership and public speaking skills, confidence and determination power among the youths on 28th March, 2015, Saturday. The programme organized at South Western State College complex, Basundhara saw participation of dozens of studens from different colleges.

The programme comprised of 4 sessions altogether. The session started with introductory session of the participants and their WOW moments in life. Among the attendees in the programme, one shared how he made students to overcome the fear of English ‘the Monster’ in his village, while another shared how he got medals from CoAS Gaurav Shumsher JB Rana while he was in class 12. One also shared about giving presentation abroad on junk food and its negative impacts in the society, especially among the children.

10865940_873353822755101_847340916333621578_oThe programme proceeded ahead with the session ‘Catch The End’ where the participants talked on different topics like what they know about the politics, forms of governance and current affairs in Nepal, social service, optimism, etc. The interesting thing about the session was that the succeeding speaker had to start their talk from the last word of the previous one.

The third session was ‘Have Your Say’ in which the participants had to talk on the topics provided by the organizers. Questions were set on their ideal persons, purpose of using facebook, preference on arranged or love marriage and that on online chat or dating in person, substantial things they would do if they were made PM of Nepal, way to develop our nation on par with the developed ones, what if they got Nobel prize, etc. The ideas shared were really worth listening.

In the last session, five participants were selected and were provided with a condition that they were their ideal persons. They had to talk and give logic to four other fellow travelers why they should get the only parachute in the plane which is going to crash after 15 minutes. One participant shared his viewpoint as Mark Zukerberg and the things he aspires to do if he gets to escape this crash while the other shared his ideas as spiritual guru and how much he can do to change people and their concepts as he has given birth to many inventors, statesmen and brought many other people in right track. Another participant shared her views as her icon Hari Bansha Acharya and the works that he has done so far to impart knowledge and education to the grassroots people through sit-coms and other interesting programmes.

As the programme was getting closed, people were engaged in another interactive session where they were divided into two groups in which one had to put their ideas supporting vegetarian way of living while other as non-veg eating habits. The session was a rebuttal round where the group leaders got to defend their views and prove the opponent’s idea as wrong.

Finally, the participants got to play ‘Pass a Sound’, a really interesting game played to pass a sentence around the circle, from person to person, quickly and consistently. After the programme was about to be over, the participants in the programme shared that they fully enjoyed the programme and said that they would surely participate in next episodes of the programme.

Closing the programme, Prem CN, president of the organization announced that they would give continuity to such programmes again in the future and are coming up with more such personality development programmes soon.


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