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Cheers Talk with Malvika Subba


Cheers Nepal kicked off its 33rd session of Cheers Talk with Malvika Subba on 21st of March from 4-5 PM at UWTC (4th floor), DECC Hall, Tripureshor. Volunteer facilitated the registration at the doorway before entering the program hall. The registration fee was made free with snacks.

Kapil Karki, a host started the formal session by welcoming all at 4:05 PM. He briefly highlighted about Cheers Talk with its history and its format. He called Innovator Malvika Subba who spoke for around 30 minutes on her innovation she has made so far. She told how she overcome the depression, told about woman empowerment and fashion beauty of woman. Then, around 15 minutes were used for an interaction with her.


Prem CN, President of Cheers Nepal gave the Token of love to the Innovator Malvika Subba. He also highlighted about Cheers Nepal with its history, ongoing activities and future programs in brief. He also thanked guest, Malvika Subba; Sponsored, Kings College; supporter, DECC Hall and all the participants.

Finally, Kapil Karki concluded the session, photo session was taken place, and snacks were given to all the people presented at the program. The program ended sharp at 5:05 PM.

Overall, this program turned to be very successful and there were over 150 participants at Cheers Talk.

Cheers Nepal has been working in the fields of Motivation, Leadership & Education via diverse projects like Cheers PRO, Cheers4Education, Cheers in Action and Reveal your Power in several parts of Nepal apart from Cheers Talk.



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