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Chelsea MUN presented by AECC Global


Kathmandu, February 21, 2019: AECC Global presents Chelsea MUN which is a 3 day event scheduled for 22-24th February, 2019 at Chelsea College. It is an innovative forum that builds on strength of international procedure.

The strengths of elaboration and public speaking, while incorporating the international styles focus on content and writing. The topics, themes and committees are structured so that each topic is debated equally during the conference.

For each topic, there is an initial speakers’ list or round-robin debate followed by a lobbying period during which delegates write clauses and debate the topics.

After chairs help delegates edit and improve their clauses, they are incorporated into working papers. Delegates will then work to merge their working papers into one to two draft resolutions on the topic, which are then debated and voted on.

By the end of the conference, delegates will have debated and voted on one resolution on each topic, worked directly with their Chairs on the content of the debate, and improved their writing, public speaking, and debating skills. Chelsea MUN is being supported by glocal khabar ​(Media Partner) with Tootle being its mobility partner.