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Chemical Plant Blasts In China


BEIJING, April 8, 2015 :  A chemical plant was burst into fire in the Chinese city of Zhangzhou. For almost 24 hours, more than 800 firefighters fought to extinguish the huge fire. State media said that it was the second accident at the spot in two years.

The reason of explosion was an oil leak, occurred on Monday evening as per the official news agency Xinhua. The witnesses reported feeling a vibration as far as 50 kilometres away.

According to an agency, some 829 firefighters battled the flame and it was controlled after 21 hours. No casualties were reported due to fire.

The explosion and its flame affected the nearby areas. Environmental protests were initiated in China’s Inner Mongolia region. The protests were against waste released by local chemical plants onto grazing land.

Dozens of people were arrested at the weekend when around 2,000 police suspended demonstrations in Naiman Banner, as reported by the US-based Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Centre (SMHRIC). Thousands of police were said to have used tear gas and batons during the protest.

After the fearsome protests, Government officials in Inner Mongolia declared to shut down several plants. Local officials reported in a social media posting Monday they had ordered all companies in the local “chemical zone” to halt production while it investigated.


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