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Chibardan observed in Myagdi

Chibardan observed in Myagdi
Chibardan observed in Myagdi

Beni (Myagdi),7 Nov2014: The Kathin Chibardan, one of the important religious festivals of the Buddhists, was observed in Myagdi. The festival is characterized by offering of woven robe made of cotton to monks and nuns and it symbolizes their graduation from one level to another in the monastic order.

The festival was observed at Mangalghat-based monastery in Benibazar, the district headquarters of Myagdi.

Eleven monks and nuns including those from Thailand were offered Chibar on the occasion, the Buddhist Association Myagdi said. They were offered clothes and cash, among others.  Chibardan marks the conclusion of a three-month seclusion of monks who mediated inside the monastery for self-enlightenment.

It is observed with established strict rituals and the word difficult is its feature. Monks and nuns went in seclusion should be offered with Chibar within one month of the conclusion of seclusion.

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