Chicken Pox outbreak hits Sarlahi

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Chicken Pox outbreak hits Sarlahi

Sarlahi, 19 March, 2015 : Chicken pox has broken out at Hathiyaul VDC in Sarlahi.


As many as 50 people at Jamuniyaan Tol at Hathiyaul VDC-7 have been reported to have suffered from it, shared Prabhakar Jha, Public Health Inspector at the Public Health Office (DPH), Sarlahi.


The VDC has a dense population of Sahani community.

The Patients include from the children to people below 40 ages, added the Health Inspector Jha.


A joint team of physicians from the DPH, Sarlahi and Primary Health care Centre, Achalgadh carried out an on-site visit following the breakout of this contagious disease.


Since there is no cure to chicken pox, the physicians have been distributing antibiotics to prevent further infection of this viral ailment in the locality, according to the Health Centre, Hathiyoul.


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