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Chid marriage on rise; Legal remedy no


Khajura (Banke), Sept 18: Banke district has witnessed an increasing trend of child marriage despite its good status in regard to education, health and infrastructure.

Most of the girls in the district are married before they turn 20 so child marriage is still prevailing high here.

The growing child marriage has been attributed to social traditions, mimicry of culture and ignorance of its future implication.

According to the National Census-2068, total 1,854 children below 10 are found married off in the district. Among them, 1,589 are girl children and 265 are male children.

Likewise, 32,676 children from 10-14 years of age are bound to be married in the district as per the Census. It includes 25,625 girls and 6,411 boys.

In the similar vein, 109,000 children including 80306 girls and 48744 boys belonging to age group 15-20 are in marital status in Banke district.

Though the incidents of child marriage are on the rise seeking legal recourse to this effect is almost non-existent, said the district police office. Only one case of child marriage was registered in the district police and district court in the past one year. RSS


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