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Chief Secretary Mentoring 17 Future Leaders


Kathmandu, July 20, 2015: Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal, Leela Mani Poudel, has been making some time for 17 potential youths amid his busy schedule. Reason: He has been ‘mentoring’ the youths by helping them building their capacity under ‘The Generation Green’ programme launched by the World Wildlife Fund.

Some six organizations, including Youth Alliance for Environment (YAE), Nepal Trust for Nature Conservation among others, have partnered with this WWF programme where these 17 youth members will be offered field excursion, face-to-face-interaction with various mentors like Chief Secretary Poudel for six months.

The youth, thereupon, will be facilitated in making projects and implementing them, based on the acumen and knowledge of both the mentors and the youths themselves.

The ‘Mentorship Programme’ has targeted the participation of some 500,000 youth members and to mentor them by 50 mentors within five years with an objective to enable youths in nation-building through various projects they conceptualize and work further to bring them into implementation, according to Chairperson of YAE, Sanat Adhikari.

Some 80,000 youths across the country have been involved under the TGG initiative launched since 2014. Of the total eight projects by them, five have been funded by the WWF, shared Sikha Gurung, Programme Coordinator of the WWF.

The WWF-funded projects incepted by the youths were rooftop vegetable farming at Budhanilakantha, Kathmandu, irrigation for the plants planted in the middle of the road across New-Baneswar and Maitighar road section and management of the wastage from public transportation among others.

Applications have been sought from the youths for the third batch for the mentoring programme. Apart from Chief Secretary Poudel, 10 other experts of various walks of life, including Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Dr Krishna Chandra Poudel, Singer Amrit Gurung and leader Gagan Thapa among others are imparting the youth members training and motivating them to take a lead in their respective field.



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