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Child-friendly school programme launched in Parsa


Birgunj, 19 October 2014: The child-friendly school programme launched in Parsa district in a bid to ensure children’s rights to education has been effective.

The classes are conducted focusing children’s psychology and behaviour under the programme. The programme is implemented at various 40 schools in the district. Seeing the effective result of the programme, other schools have also decided to adopt it.

The programme was launched with the assistance of UNICEF.

On Saturday, officiating district education officer Asha Gautam said at refresher training to teachers that the child-friendly programme could be made more effective and practical.

For the effectiveness of the programme, the teachers should play leading role, she added.

Similarly, central member of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), Sital Mahato, said the training would be very useful for the teachers to hone their skills and enhance capacity.

The programme was presided over by resource person at District Education Office, Mahanth Prasad Yadav.

The five-day residential training has the participation of 30 teachers from 10 schools.


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