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Children’s Contribution In Cleaning Their Community


Morang (Pathari), April 24, 2015: Children of Hattimudha VDC, has shown the responsibility of individuals toward their community by leading in cleaning campaign creating an example of how they could contribute to their community, in Morang district.

In an effort to declare the VDC an open-defecation-free VDC the team of the kids have launched a cleaning up campaign with an intent to bid to rid their area of any trash. Eleven children’s clubs that are in existence in the VDC have all involved in the cleaning up campaign. Among them the Pragati Children’s Club and the Manmohan Memorial Children’s Club are leading the campaign.

The VDC which was full of waste before now looks clean and tidy due to efforts of these children’s clubs. In order to spread the message of health and sanitation among the general public these clubs have also been organizing art exhibition, staging drama and conducting public speaking. Also they have been raising social awareness against such
ill practices in society like child marriage, dowry and caste discrimination etc.

The VDC Office too has committed to Rs 250,000 for the different activities launched by the children’s clubs encouraged by the participation of local kids in the different community activities.


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