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China Brings World’s Longest Skywalk With Glass Bottom To Reality And We’re Terrified Just By Looking At The Pictures


July 9, 2017: Every now and then travellers wonder, what’s next? But just went you think that you have seen it all, something more gigantic, enormous and gorgeous appears.

Rejoice, travellers – because the monotony of your life is about to get an adrenaline punch. Home to many firsts, China now brings to you a V-shaped glass bottom bridge.

While some people claim to enjoy what they’re seeing from this height, others have been seen holding onto handrail as they inch away.

Suspended at the edge of a cliff, China just opened the world’s most terrifying skywalk so far.

The bridge is perched at the height of 400 feet.

The V-shaped walkway stretches almost 70 metres from a sheer cliff face in south-west Chongqing, China.

No more than 30 people can walk on this bridge at a time, and well, we’re not sure if there will be more people wanting to walk anyway.

This structure at the Ordovician park in Wansheng has been certified as the longest of its type anywhere on the planet by Guinness World Records.

We have seen similar constructions in the past, especially in China, but this transcends them all. Last year, 430-metre-long, 300-metre-high glass bridge opened in central Hunan province, however, it’s temporarily shut.

By Shewali Tiwari