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China media: Internet rules


China is “considering setting up its own rules in cyberspace in order to have its voice better heard in the fast-growing internet sphere”, theChina Daily reports.

The paper quotes Premier Li Keqiang as saying that China “wants to promote an interconnected world that is shared and governed by all and to construct a common code of rules to make competition more fair”.

Mr Li made the remarks at the World Internet Conference – set up by China – in Zhejiang province on Thursday.

Experts interviewed by the paper say that China is using the platform to “sell its own strategy and rules to the world”.

Shen Yi, a cyber-security specialist at Fudan University, points out that China does not have its “own strategy on cyber development and cyber-security”.

The expert adds that China “realised the importance of such a strategy” after Edward Snowden, a former US intelligence agency worker, leaked information about US surveillance programmes.

“China has the capability now to set up international rules for cyberspace and use our strategy and our rules to influence the world,” he tells the daily.

Beijing and Washington have traded accusations over cyber-spying activities. The US has suspected China of a role in cyber attacks, while Beijing accuses Washington of having “double standards” as it carries out such surveillance on others.

Without referring to any country or specific incidents, the Xinhua News Agency highlights that “every country has the sovereignty over the area of information which should not be violated”.

“No matter how the internet technology develops, it should not violate the information sovereignty of another country,” says the news agency, adding that there should not be “double standards” because “every country has the right to protect its information security”.
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