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Choose the right sunglasses


June 22, 2015: Summer is at the peak, we need to have a few accessories. One of the most important accessories in the season is a pair of sunglasses.

They not only protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, but also enhance your overall look. Though, many times, people go wrong in choosing the right pair of shades as they are not aware of how to pick one that will suit their face. Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for your eyewear.

– You need to understand the shape of your face. There are faces that look good with any shape and size of sunglasses. On the other hand, there are faces that have prominent jaw lines and broad cheekbones that need a shape that will play against facial contours.

– The colour of the frame and glass as well, must also complement your skin tone, so make sure you take your skin tone into consideration when you pick out one. For example, people with dusky complexions look good with brown frames.

– Try on your glasses to see if they fit you well before buying them. More often, people end up buying frames that are slightly bigger or smaller than their faces. There are times that people pick up frames just because they look fancy.

– When buying sunglasses, make sure that is 99% UV protective. The idea is not only to look stylish, but to also protect your eyes in the process.

-Fitting is a very important aspect. They need to sit properly in your face and not fall off when you look down a little.


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