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Choosing the career path


After graduating from high school there are a vast array of choices of the fields of studies from which you can choose what to study. Nepal seems to be still following the age-old trend of considering ‘Doctors and Engineers’ as the only valued professions albeit different new courses are being introduced time and again.

Even the small kids who do not even know how to pronounce engineer replies “I want to be an engineer” when asked what you want to be. On further inquiring, you’ll get to know why he/she said so. They have always heard their parents talking about making them doctors and engineers someday. And even before a child learns to walk, their future and the path they are going to take is already decided; not by him/her but solely by the parents. This often leads to a serious impact later on the children as the parents force them and mentally pressurize the children to study the subject they want rather than the subject the student enjoys. In this way, myriads of futures have been destroyed, thousands of students regret later for not pursuing what they enjoyed.

From the tender age, with a bag full of books and with a hope to learn something students went to school. They spent their entire childhood as well as a teenage hood just to study and prepare themselves for the future and in the end what’s the meaning of all those struggles, and hard work if they are studying the subject they dislike? Aren’t they betraying themselves? It might sound cliché but one must always choose the field of study not because the society tells to do so but because of the interest, passion, and love for the subject. What’s the point of even studying that particular subject if one dislikes it? The whole is going to be wasted if he/she dislikes their work or profession.

And one thing we all need to consider and understand is; doctors and engineers are not everything and we must change our perspective and mindset. There are several other courses and professions which they can opt for. One needs to discover their true passion and work on it. Life is a journey full of hindrances, one does not have control over the things in the future but he/she certainly can work at present to make it brighter.

Those who pursue further education in Science are considered to be intelligent and smart, but that’s not always true there are myriads of fields where you can excel. Many people think that studying a particular subject and working in that field will make you richer and tend to take up the subject they have less interest in. Think about it sometime, if one is not happy with his/her life, what’s even the point of getting richer? And it’s not only about making money; it’s about loving what one does. Just because you see others enjoying their life, earning a lot, traveling all over the world it doesn’t mean you should follow the same path. There may be hundreds of sleepless nights to make that possible; thousands of stories of struggle behind that type of life. One cannot judge others so easily and take decisions hastily.

These things must be understood by all the parents because the children tend to imitate others and one should not pressurize them to pursue something else despite his disinterest. Students also need to consider other suggestions as well, but the final decision should be truly theirs. It’s your life, no one except you are allowed to decide your path. It doesn’t matter even if the road you take is never taken before. The only thing you must consider is, that you should love the journey and must explore where the road leads to.

Anupa Khanal