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‘Chhori-Buhari Scholarship’: Opportunity for Karnali Students Not to Miss


Kathmandu, February 5, 2019: In a purpose of enhancing the technical knowledge of women in Karnali, government of Karnali Province has announced a scholarship on different genres. Students from government schools and local residential are eligible for this scholarship.  

With a vision of providing scholarship to the women of karnali, the Ministry of Social Development has brought into operation the ‘Chhori-Buhari Scholarship’ scheme through the fiscal year budget program targeting the Daughters and Daughter-in-laws of the region. The government of the province has planned to invest 15 million for the project.

According to the Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, “The Chhori-Buhari Scholarship would be offered to 100 girl students having pursuit of vocational and technical education at three-year Bachelor’s and Intermediate Level. He added, It would help those girls from poor family background to survive independently through technical education.

Similarly, the Directorate of Education Development under the ministry is further planning to  spend Rs 30 million in other six areas including Chori-Buhari Scholarship.

Process for the program has already started where they provide higher education scholarship to the students who are eager to take technical education as part of their higher studies and also to the students with disabilities and students from dalit background.