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Christmas Day Celebrared By Collecting funds For Needy


Amalapuram, Andra Pradesh (India)Dec 25, 2014: Salt of Service; an initiative of the students from BVC Engineering College (Odalarevu) raised funds today in Amalapuram, on the occasion of Christmas day. Apart from the regular way of celebrating Christmas, collecting funds for needy orphanages, blind schools, old age homes and institutions was a campaign done since 2007 by the organisation.The main motto of the organization is to help the needy.

The team of about 100 students gathered in Amalapuram this morning and started collecting funds. By the end of the day they were successful in collecting one lakh three thousand one hundred and twenty rupees. With that money, they are going to distribute the required things, items and empowering materials like sewing machines etc. for the needy organisations. They visited some of the needy organizations around the city and they decided to help Hari Manovikasa Kendram, Mummy Daddy Happy Home, St. Joseph Old Age home in Amalapuram and Sri Deepti Education and welfare Society in Rajahmundry. Mr. Chandru Phanindra, the President of the organization said, “Christmas is the festival to celebrate the happiness and we tried to support the needy people to bring back their happiness and we are happy for that.”

“The support that all the people has encouraged us to bring about these kinds of programmes ahead”, he added.


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