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CIAA chief commissioner Karki

CIAA chief commissioner Karki
CIAA chief commissioner Karki

Kathmandu, 9 Dec 2014 : Chief Commissioner of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) Lokman Singh Karki has said that the ‘big fish’ involved in corruption would punished in an appropriate time by considering the country’s political sensitivity.

At a programme organized at the CIAA central office today on the occasion of Anti-Corruption Day-2071, CIAA Chief Commissioner said, “For this, the citizens should fulfill the responsibility of decent and cultured country people by providing factual information.”

The CIAA Chief Commissioner made such statement at a time when the CIAA is pointed out for not taking action to businesspersons and influential political figures involved in corruption.

Stating that people were urging to take action to the ‘big fish’, Karki revealed that the anti-graft body was carrying on investigations into 1,000 plus such figures.

On the occasion, Karki said country’s bureaucracy is losing its chain of command, and indiscipline and irresponsibility has ruled. However, irregularity would decease to some extent if the ministry’s secretary takes some bold steps, he added.



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