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‘CIAA not against development’

'CIAA not against development'
'CIAA not against development'

Kathmandu, 11 March, 2015 :  The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) says its attention was drawn to news carried in and disseminated by various media with the message that it should be pleased for development expenditures.


It is ironical that many responsible persons and agencies of the State organs still suffer from the irresponsible tendency of projecting the CIAA as an institution opposed to development, irrespective of the Commission and the Honourable Chief Commissioner himself have clarified, time and again, the fact that the Commission was not an obstacle to development rather an agent for the same, the CIAA stated in a press release today.


The press release states that the CIAA has the clear thinking that each and every amount allocated for development from the national treasury earned from the blood and sweat of the people should be spend properly and in a judicious manner, and that the target group should have easy access to it.


The press release further reads – “However, the commission is in favour of strongest possible action when it comes to individuals and the tendency of not taking timely decisions in the context of implementation of development projects, remaining in a state of indecision or taking malevolent decision. The commission’s this backing against the tendency of not taking decisions is not at all anti-development, it is for expeditious development.”


The anti-graft body has stated that it takes seriously several responsible officials making their views public on topics related to national interests and welfare that it is better not to take a decision at all than to take appropriate decision on time.


“It is the CIAA’s conclusion that the government too should take such irresponsible views and expressions by responsible office-bearers very seriously. In fact, the commission is ready to fulfill a coordinating role in any of the initiatives the government takes regarding the proper and judicious development expenditure and its allocation. The CIAA regrets the irresponsible views and tendency of presenting its image as anti-development opposed to its pro-development spirit,” the CIAA stated in the press release.


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