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‘Citizen Mobile App’: Government to provide service


Kathmandu: The Prime Minister’s Office and the Council of Ministers have created the ‘Citizen Mobile App’ Operation Directive-2019 for providing government services through mobile phones, tablets and other types of electronic gadgets.

The government agencies providing services through citizen mobile applications for users are the Public Service Commission, Office of the Auditor General, Public Procurement Monitoring Office, Department of Passports, Department of Foreign. Employment, Department of Transport Management, Inland Revenue Department, Department of Land Management and Archive, Office of the Company Registrar and Social Security Fund.

According to the directive, Nepalese citizens who want to avail the citizen’s mobile application can apply through their mobile phone. Upon receipt of the application, the applicant will be provided with a one-time password. A service seeker will have to enter the password along with his/her name, address and date of birth to get the desired service from government agencies. The government agency will verify the SIM and identity of the concerned user from the telecommunications service providers before delivering the required services.

The directive reads that if a service seeker is a registered user of the app, he/she can apply to receive online services. In case any fee is chargeable for the service, the amount shall be paid to the concerned government service provider agency as instructed by the app and no additional charge shall be charged for using the app.

This requires a high priority by the concerned government service provider agency to provide service through the app,24 hours a day. Service Provider Agencies designated by OPMCM will be responsible for maintaining the privacy details and users information following the existing laws.

The OPMCM may seek assistance from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, other telecom service providers, National Information Technology Centre, and provincial and local levels for the operation, management and maintenance of the app. It must provide online service at the provincial and local levels.

Source: THT