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‘Clean’ twins born to HIV-positive couple in Chitwan


Chitwan, June 28, 2016: Twin boys are born to a HIV-positive couple here in the district recently. The newborns are said to be in a good health.

The couple hail from Madi of the district. The boys were delivered at the Bharatpur Hospital on June 18.

No HIV has been detected in the newborns in the preliminary tests. Doctors, however, said PCR-DNA test after 42 days of their birth could confirm if they are free from the virus.

The boys’ parents had married four years ago after divorcing their former partners who, according to them, spread HIV to them.

As many as 71 babies have been born to the HIV-positive parents at the Bharatpur Hospital since 2011. Out of them 66 are clean, while only two are infected with the virus. Three babies, however, did not survive.

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