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Clean up Nepal’s Annual Nationwide campaign 2019/20: Awareness video-launching and award distribution program


On 6 February 2020, Clean up Nepal in partnership with Laxmi Bank Ltd. hosted an awareness video-launching and prize distribution program at QFX Cinemas Kumari. The program is a part of Clean up Nepal’s Annual Nationwide campaign for the year 2019/20, which hosted an Interschool scriptwriting competition with the theme Litter-free Nepal. During the competition,9 schools from all over Nepal participated in providing a total of 17 scripts. Three winners were chosen among which two scripts were developed into videos and one into audio material. The 14 remaining scripts of the other participating schools have been provided to the Metro Traffic team who will utilise the scripts for the public awareness programs.

During the program, Clean up Nepal presented about the programs Zero Waste at School and Nepal Waste Map. The two winning videos were broadcasted and Clean up Nepal hosted the prize distribution ceremonies of the Annual Nationwide campaign and Zero waste at School essay along with the speech competition, dramas, dance performances, fun and interactive games.

The chief guest of the program was the former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology of Nepal, Mr.Ganesh Shah, who shared his words of wisdom and encouragement towards the entire attendees of the program. He thanked Clean up Nepal for creating such a platform that brought together the majority of the age groups of the Nepali` population and brought out ideas and discussions about creating a clean, green and healthier Nepal. Shaswat Bista from Laxmi Bank was happy to be a part of the Nationwide campaign and said that Laxmi Bank would gladly support such campaigns in the future.

The attendees included the schools, donors, government organizations, private waste companies, Metro Traffic Police team and civil society organizations. Laxmi Bank along with Waste Concern Pvt. Ltd. were the major contributors to Clean up Nepal’s Nationwide campaign 2019/20.

The Annual Nationwide Campaign since 2013 has engaged more than 161,096 people involving them in the clean-up campaign, collecting 655,000 kilograms of waste over 45 districts and 1101 garbage sites. Clean up Nepal has successfully partnered with more than 300 stakeholders in the process of placing communities to conduct cleanups every year.

Furthermore, Clean up Nepal looks to partner with the Visit Nepal 2020 team and conduct cleanup campaigns. It looks to implement public awareness in touristic areas and areas with cultural and religious values.