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Climate Change Awareness Program in Lamjung


Lamjung, June 19, 2015: Climate change is a burning issue. We are witnessing more and more consequences in every following day. Fluctuating in temperature, heavy rainfall, melting of ice at arctic reason are some of them. Sanjay Kafle, an initiative youth from Lamjung agricultural campus and ex-Nature club member of Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute is on his mega project to contribute for the environmental issues by spreading awareness about the environmental issues and our potentially to overcome this to the young kids of Lamjung district.  He conducted a workshop on June 13 at Future Star Boarding School at Bhodetar on the crucial issue of the role of students in mitigating the climate change with his fellow friends Manoj, Bibek and Anusha who are not only the students of agriculture but also activists in the realm of environmental conservation.

image2 (2)Sanjay Kafle, the lead trainer for the workshop, told that his idea is to combat the global problem of climate change from every possible level including the school children. A general understanding on this issue imparts them the motivation to bring about a change in their day to day activities which can, eventually, on a large scale, make a difference and provide motivation to many others. He also added that even though concerned authorities and so called big players including the industrial nations have not shown serious concern to this burning problem, youths cannot just be a witness to their indolence.

He started the workshop with some general introduction of the trainers and the issue. Then, Manoj took the lead of an interactive session in which the students discussed about their views on climate change. In the fifteen minute session, he also talked about the impacts of human activities on the environment and why climate change is an important issue. It was followed by a short presentation by Bibek on the impacts of climate change on the environment. He showed a video about the rampant melting of ice caps in Artic region which can result in the extinction of polar bears within 2040 AD. After discussing the long term effects of climate change, he discussed the potential initiatives from the personal level with the students.

The trainers also discussed about their idea of forming a club and the fields that the club can work on. They worked on the selection of student representatives by democratic way and planning on the proactive functioning of the club. The students responded with very positive remarks on the initiative of the students of the agricultural campus. At present he is focusing his project at two different school nearby his university influencing more than five hundred young souls. He said, “He will continue his project for years. ”

By: Sudeep Ghimire