Peoples-Climate-March-e1400785401490-300x204Kathmandu:  United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon is hosting one-day historical Climate summit on September 23 at UN Headquarters in New York. The main objective of the summit is to build a political momentum for climate deal to be agreed in 2015. At Durban Climate talks in 2011, governments agreed that they would come up with the new climate agreement in 2015, which will enter in to force from 2020. As per the report issued by Ban Ki Moon’s office, around 200 head of states have been invited by General Secretary to attend the Summit.

To pressurize the global leaders, policy makers, negotiator to address the issue of Climate Change many cities of the world is going to organize People’s Climate. The People’s Climate March is a major mobilization in New York City and other cities all over the world on September 20 and 21 to demand bold, political action to address the climate crisis. In solidarity with the global mobilization, more than ten different organization, students and many interested people will march in the streets of Kathmandu to demanding “a world with economy that works for the people and the planet; a world safe from the ravages of climate change” taking this moment to send the clear message from Kathmandu: Action Now, Not Words! This event is more than climate action; for climate justice to prioritize action that protects the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, and solutions which have borne the brunt of the problems.

10665767_362432320571428_282701457878834538_nBefore the Climate March, video screening named ‘Climate Disruption’ was shown in Thames Int. College on 7th September with the participation of more than 100 people from diverse backgrounds. “Disruption” is an inspiring an hour-long documentary film about climate change — the science, the politics, and the movement. It highlighted the consequences of ignoring climate change. The film features well-known environmental leaders such as Bill McKibben and Dr. James Hansen and documents activists’ efforts to mobilize people for what may be the largest climate change march in history.The documentary was made to show why climate change issues are important to us. Why Climate Action Now? The state leaders had a signed treaty; ‘Kyoto protocol’in 1999 to reduce the carbon foot prints of their respective country. But, the treaty failed to succeed. And in Durban Climate talks in 2011, governments agreed that they would come up with the new climate agreement in 2015, which will enter in to force from 2020 and many more such treaties. There has been lots of talk with no concrete action. If the scenario of large amount of GHGs emission continues, then the world at the end of this century may increase by 6 degrees which might turn out to be a catastrophic situation. But, the global leaders have said to limit the temperature within 2 degree Celsius by 2100 which just seems to unrealistic. We already have 400 ppm of co2 in atmosphere which has drastically increased after industrialization which was 240 ppm before 1850 AD. This level of Co2 in atmosphere is considered as very dangerous for life system in earth.

10670075_10152304756690382_3695789743536540991_nAfter the screening there was a short session for question, answers and also suggestions for the upcoming events. One of the participants Mr. Rijan asked, ‘How are you making People’s Climate March- Kathmandu visible to the world?’ Addressing that Panelist Mr. SanotAdhikari, Youth Aliance Environment and SapnaaShrestha, Beyond 2015 made the participants clear that organizing team  are working with more than 10 organization under a single roof, Nepal as a LDC chief can address the issuesof vulnerable country like Nepal. Many climate experts gave their opinion about the People’s Climate March.

The People’s Climate March will take place in Kathmandu on Sept. 20, and just three days later, heads of state will gather for a United Nations climate summit.


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