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CliMates Nepal coming up with National Youth Convergence on Climate Change and SDGs


More than 40 enthusiastic youths from all across the nation to participate the conference

Climate change and its adversities haven’t left any corner of the world untouched. In Nepal, its major influence can be seen environmentally. Extreme events like landslides, droughts, and floods are common and increasing in frequency. Sustainable Development is the only way that could assist every human with their ultimate goals. There is urgent and immediate need to address climate change issues and achieve goals of sustainable development.

In this regard, CliMates Nepal has come up with “National Youth Convergence on Climate Change and SDGs” this June 3-5 with the motive of making youths and students aware of climate change issues, SDGs, and finding the impacts of climate change on their agricultural practices.

A total of 40 youths from all over the country will take part in training cum consultation conference, discuss the ideas to achieve sustainable development goals and share the stories from their field and experiences. Through presentations, discussions, and group work, the programme seeks to build the knowledge and capacity of enthusiastic youths on the issues of climate change in global scenario. It will also look to discover the ideas about the youth’s perception on climate change, integrate sustainable ways to conserve environment, major impacts of climate change in agriculture and livelihood of resource-poor marginal people, and helping them better understand the issues of climate change in global scenario and uplift their livelihood through climate smart living practices.

The participants will document community-based adaptation strategies and development of stakeholder inclusive climate risk reduction (adaptation) plan of action at community level.

With all these activities, the programme will assess the impacts of climate change on agriculture and livelihoods of progressive farmers along with the development of adoption strategy in Nepal.

The total of 40 enthusiastic youth attendees will be decided according to the forms submitted by the participanty, and includes youths from the different geographical region and vulnerable community.

The conference will be organized at the Training Centre of Agriculture Development Bank Nepal, Rupandehi. It is a three-day residential conference and will be held June 3 to June 5, 2017.

For further details and application form, visit: www.facebook.com/ClimatesNepal or www.facebook.com/Youthforconservationandsustainableagriculture

Glocal Khabar is the official online media partner for the programme.

CliMates Nepal is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization and think-and-do tank on climate change gathering volunteers, both students and young professionals established with the aim of mobilizing youth for their rights and awareness along with the encouragement for preservation, promotion and sustainable use of environment. It has the mandate to work on advocating for youth rights, environmental justice, climate change issues, empowering target groups and enabling stakeholders.