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Coca-Cola Nepal officially inaugurated “Pheri Uthne Cha Nepal” Campaign


August 10, 2015- Coca-Cola Nepal officially inaugurated “Pheri Uthne Chha Nepal” campaign at Lalitpur  today. Leading multi-national company, ‘ Coca -Cola’  stood for optimism and positivity to retreat this disastrous period of Nepal into a normal life. Saluting youth spirit for their selfless effort in rebuilding new Nepal,  Coca-Cola strongly committed their solidarity to play a small role in furthering this spirit.


To spread this campaign of hope and optimism to  all corners of the country, Coca-Cola “Pheri Uthne Chaa Nepal” unveiled a patriotic anthem penned by Ranjit Acharya and composed by Jems Pradhan. The special anthem was sung by leading singers including Ani Chhoying Dolma, Sugam Pokhrel, Indira Joshi, Adrian Pradhan, Deepak Bajracharya, Nirnaya Da NSK,Somea Braily, Kamal Khattri, Jems Pradhan and 8 young students from Maiti Nepal.  The Combining strong musical genres – from Folk, rock and Pop to rap is sure to bring positive vibes to rebuilding the nation


Alok Kolhi, Country manager of Coca-Cola, said that this video will energize the youth to build the Nepal. Where CNN Hero Anuradha Koirala praised all the  Nepali youths for their active participation in rescue, reestablishment and in rebuilding the earthquake  affected regions of Nepal.


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