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Coder Kovid: A Life Full of Passion for Technology and Coding


Since the introduction of computers and electronic media and the internet, an immense change has taken place in the history of mankind. They are the positive innovations of the science which are operated in all the sectors. Substantially teenagers are more engaged in the use of the internet. They are found investing most of their time in front of the computer, surfing internet doing nothing productive. However, to manifest the positive impact of the internet, Kovid Raj Panthy has a different and inspiring story to unravel.

Kovid Raj Panthy, a ninth grader at Medha Secondary School is a young and enthusiastic programmer, coder and a YouTuber. Ever since his childhood, he aspired to do the impossible and prove that everything is possible through hard work and dedication to one’s dream.

At a young age, he was acquainted in the field of programming and coding. He believes that it is his curious nature that has led him to the way of programming and coding. He shares, “Web designing was always a curious topic for me. I asked my computer teacher about web page but I did not get a proper response. It was then my curiosity grew more and I motivated myself to learn about programming at any cost.” He initiated his journey of coding when he was only a seventh grader. He learned to use HTML and programming language from YouTube tutorials. He shares that his sole learning platform is the internet itself and he is an adept in HTML, CSS, and Python.

Broadening and sharpening his sphere of knowledge in coding, he designed a web page for his school which he claims is his first work.  He also initiated his YouTube channel, ‘Coder Kovid’ with a motive to share his knowledge on coding. “I make a tutorial on python programming and I’m getting a good response from the viewers as well,” says Panthy. He is also a founder of an online portal ‘Tech Samaj’ which works as a forum to bring programmers together to share their ideas and knowledge on programming with each other.

Kovid has a great passion to make Nepali programming language in the near future. With the full support of his parents about his passion for programming, he plans to pursue his further studies in computer science and programming and contribute in elevating the standard of tech in Nepal.

To all the young aspirants he leaves a message, “Figure out what you eagerly want to do in life and never give up on your dream even though the world does not believe in you. Certainly, you will make it big someday!”

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Presented by: Rhoda Rai