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Cognitive Science


Cognitive Science is the study of mind and it processes. It is the study of physical brain and intangible mind which works together. It includes the structure of brain, how it works and the response it gives to the certain situation. Cognitive Science seek to reverse-engineer some of the most complicated and poorly understood process that occurs in all of our head.

Cognitive science is a huge field of research which includes philosophy, linguistic, anthropology, neuroscience, AI and psychology. Linguistic analyzes human language by observing and interplay between sound and meaning. Anthropology studies the various aspect of human within past and present society. It is divided into social and cultural. Neuroscience studies the overall nervous system in our brain, which leads to build a strong AI system. AI system is the device that operates when algorithm is set and t operated accordingly. Psychology is related to psychology science of behavior and mind including conscious and unconscious as well as thought. It is more related to thinking process.

The research also includes education (the study of how people learn), philosophy (the study of knowledge, reality, and existence), artificial intelligence (the study of thinking machines and systems), psychology (the study of behavior and the mind), neuroscience (the study of the nervous system), linguistics (the study of language), anthropology (the general study of the human society and culture).

Since early age, people are trying to understand not only others mind and their thinking but also their own. The in 1800’s the science of psychology came into existence. In this process, they adopted the idea of behaviorism. At this point they treated brain and the way it process to be biological reactions to stimuli rather than an array of program like that of any computer functioned equipment. Later with the time, scientists were more aware of the complexity with the operation of the brain. Now with the rapid development of technology and infrastructure scientists has finally come up with the approach of being able to read the mind of a person that is the concept of cognitive science.

There is still a way to go in the field of cognitive science. It is believed that computer programs will be smarter than people. Many people have optimistic view on this subject and it would do better for the society.