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Collaborative Effort To Distribute Relief Materials


May 5, 2015: In the process of helping earthquake victims of Nepal, collaborative effort of organisations are seen to distribute relief materials.

Edushala in collaboration with Smart Paani is providing the relief materials to the earthquake victims. The relief materials that edushala is distributing includes tents, mats, water, ORS, bandage, mask,piyush, phenyl, toothpaste, and foods.

Edushala raised the fund of 1 lakh through its volunteers and bought the materials for the victims. The organization currently has almost 30 volunteers, 15 of them are working in the affected area.

They distributed 300 tents in Dhading and Gorkha, food supplies in Kathmandu and out of valley. According to Ruchin Singh of Edushala, they were supported financially by Rekushala, Nepal Rise, Doctors wife association, Staff of investment, Board Nepal and Home repair app. Singh also added they are collaborating with Stamford Neplease of United states to collect the fund.

They started the distribution of the relief materials from Monday and the campaign will end tomorrow. They have also planned to rebuilt some structures if possible.


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