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Colors Compatibility in dressing!!


03 November, 2015: 

How well are you in combining the colors for your dressing? Color mixing is not sort of thing that anyone is born knowing how to do, but that’s a good thing. It’s not a talent. It’s a skill to play with colors.

Many of us are always struck by black and grey. Though they never go wrong!! But when you’re talking about colors, “complimentary” actually means “opposite.”  Black and White is complimentary colors. That’s why they look so great together. Similarly Red and Black complement each other quite romantically. As there goes a saying “opposite attracts.” Every color has a complimentary color. It’s just whatever is on the opposite side of the color wheel.

Different shades of the same color or similar colors almost always look good together. Here is some of the color combination that makes you easier for the go.

Black: White, Red, Green, Royal Blue, Ink Blue, Light Brown, Golden.

Burgundy: Black, Charcoal, Pink, Ink Blue, Blackish Green.

Orange: Light green, Peach, Golden, White, Dark brown, Purple, Nude.

Blue: Violet, Nude, Light gray, Black, Red, Pale orange, White.

Gray: Red, Caramel, Ocean Blue, Black, Burgundy, Nude, Ink blue.

Green: White, Black, Nude, Ocean blue, Red.


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