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Committee Directs Ministry Not to Increase Transport Fare


Kathmandu, 29 Oct 2014: The parliamentary subcommittee on Industry, Commerce and Consumers’ Interest on Wednesday directed the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Management not to increase transportation fare.

The meeting of the subcommittee presided over by its coordinator Subashchandra Saha Thakuri directed the Ministry to abide by the Vehicle and Transportation Management Act because the price of the fuel was gradually decreasing.

There are several criteria to be fulfilled before hiking the transportation fare, the subcommittee said, adding that the Ministry will be informed further after a report by the team of the technicians and the stakeholders is received. The team was formed on Monday to study on the transport fare.

The Ministry was also directed to improve the provisions on punishment, driving license and service and safety of the passengers, said coordinator Thakuri.

Moreover, the Ministry and the subordinate bodies have been directed to be responsible in view of the transport entrepreneurs’ investment as well as the passengers’ safety.

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