Committee Formed For Declaration Of New Municipalities

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Committee Formed For Declaration Of New Municipalities

Kathmandu,2 Feb 2015: The government has formed committees headed by Chief District Officer of the concerned districts to provide necessary recommendation in declaring new municipalities.

An arrangement has been made to designate head of the land revenue office, district technical office and survey office as members and Local Development Officer as secretary in the committee.

At a press conference organized at the Ministry of Information and Communications here Monday, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) Purna Chandra Bhattarai shared that the committees have been constituted in 25 districts for recommending new municipalities.

Top priority has been placed on the potential areas to be graduated to municipalities and districts having no municipality.

Joint Secretary Bhattarai, also the spokesperson of the Ministry, said that additional municipalities would be declared without any delay.

There are a total of 191 municipalities including one metropolis and eight sub-metropolises in the country at present. So far municipal council has been conducted in 189 municipalities while village council convened in 3,225 VDCs.

It was also shared that the MoFALD has signed performance agreements with 45 District Development Committees and 127 municipalities so as to improve overall performance of local bodies.

Likewise, the government has charted out periodic plans of 61 DDCs and has set a target to develop it in rest 14 districts within the current fiscal year.




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