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Communication and Prototypes: Fifth Session of EmpowHer Junior


On Saturday, our fifth session of EmpowHer began with Anita Gurung, one of the change makers of EmpowHer 2017, sharing her experience as a change maker. She works with hearing-impaired people and runs a project known as Happy Hands Nepal for them. We learned various things from her and took inspiration from her resilient and competitive character.

After a quick energizer, three of our changemakers were taken for a check-in. We then had a tea break. After the break, another session was started. Yajaswi Didi was to lead it, which was based on Communication. We were divided into two teams and each team represented one person. We were then given various situations where we made a phone call. This activity made us realize various aspects that should be established in communication to have a proper connection to the person you are communicating with.

We then had our lunch break. After our break, we had a session led by Baharma’am. We were introduced to the topics of prototype and iteration. We were taught how we should accept feedbacks in a positive way and got a chance to focus more on our project.

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We then had a session similar to Bahar maam’s based on feasibility. Here, Ravi sir taught us how we need to manage our resources to its limit if we want to achieve something. The last session that we had focused on leadership. There we were separated into groups and we asked each other about questions regarding leadership. Out of the answers that we received, each group formed the basic definition of a leader.

After all the sessions ended, we had a grand Christmas celebration. All the participants and the mentor enjoyed the celebration. Along with the festive mood, we got to know each other better. We look forward to our next session.

By: Aria Shree Prasai and Sneha Jha

The writers are EmpowHER Junior Changemakers.